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"I've never known a
more stout-hearted
defender of a strong
America than Alan
He truly knows
that freedom works."
—Ronald Reagan

Ambassador Alan Keyes
is a former president of
the Ronald Reagan
Alumni Association

The Daily Obamanation

December 7, 2004
Alan Keyes on teaching the Declaration of Independence in the schools

On Dec. 5, Alan Keyes spoke at the Grace Baptist Church in Decatur, Illinois, and made the following remarks about the place of the Declaration of Independence in America's schools.

Keyes was responding to the recent controversy surrounding a California teacher's use of the Declaration in his American history class. [Read more]

See other topics from Alan's Dec. 5 speech:

November 11, 2004
How and why Dr. Keyes won in Illinois

Helen Valois

"It's great about Bush getting re-elected," my conservative friends have been saying to me these days, "but, hey! You must be bummed about Keyes' big loss in Illinois." "What 'loss'?" runs my somewhat testy reply.

[Read more]

November 8, 2004
No wonder Keyes lost; he got nothing like a fair shake

A. Koehn, Homewood

Now that the election is over and the contents of this letter won't affect someone's vote, I wish to complain about the shabby treatment given by The Star to Illinois senatorial candidate Alan Keyes.

[Read more]

November 8, 2004
Alan Keyes' impact on Illinois

The staff of

On August 8th--just 86 days before the 2004 election--Alan Keyes accepted the nomination of the Illinois Republican Party to run for the U.S. Senate against the Democratic Party's rising media star, Barack Obama.

The idea was first proposed to Keyes only a week earlier by a handful of Illinois conservative leaders. Even after the nomination was ultimately extended by the state GOP central committee, Keyes took several days to consider the invitation--so unusual was the offer, and so unique the situation.

[Read more]

November 4, 2004
Alan Keyes on WYLL's Scott Thomas Show
First post-election media interview

SCOTT THOMAS, HOST: Let's go to Alan Keyes, now former Republican candidate for U.S. Senate here in Illinois. Alan, how are you today?

ALAN KEYES: I'm doing very well. How are you?

[Read more]

November 2, 2004
Excerpts from Alan Keyes' concession speech
Streaming video at Chicago's Channel 2

I want to say a special word of thanks to all of those supporters throughout Illinois who put together an unbelievable campaign, working by the thousands. Against all the odds, against all the lies and fabrications of the media, against every word of discouragement, they moved forward--not because there was something in it for them, but because there was something in it for God, and for their state, and for their country. [Read more]

 See the speech in streaming video.

 Pictures of the event.

 30-second video clips of Alan in the debates.

November 1, 2004
Election-eve message from Alan Keyes

Click here to watch.

November 1, 2004
Keyes campaign releases second TV ad

CHICAGO - Keyes 2004 campaign manager Bill Pascoe today released the campaign's second television advertisement, and issued the following statement:

"Today we are releasing a new television advertisement that strongly contrasts Barack Obama's record with Alan Keyes' vision, and the choice couldn't be clearer.

[Read more]

November 1, 2004
Alan Keyes on WMBI AM
Election-eve interview

HOST: Mr. Alan Keyes, Dr. Keyes, candidate for U.S. Senate, has requested an interview on WMBI to discuss the issues in this election, as it also relates to the state of Illinois.

[Read more]

November 1, 2004
Keyes addresses Get Out the Vote rally on Sunday
Spirit of God Fellowship Church

ALAN KEYES: Thank you. Praise God. Good evening.

The first thing I want to do--I haven't all that often in the course of the campaign had this great pleasure, but I would like to begin tonight by giving a word of thanks. It is, of course, a word of thanks to God Almighty, but it is also a special word of thanks to Him for the special gift that He has made to me in the course of my life.

[Read more]

October 28, 2004
Political pulse: The Hessing family


When we first measured the political pulse of one Peoria couple, they talked of their admirations and support for President Bush.

But the Hessings wanted to learn more about the U.S. Senate candidates before committing to vote for the Republican or Democrat.

[Read more]

October 27, 2004
Third debate available in streaming video
Transcript and audio also available

The final historic debate between Alan Keyes and Barack Obama is available for viewing in streaming video. To see this classic showdown, click here.

The press conference afterward is also available for viewing. Click here.

 Read transcript of the debate.

 See pictures.

October 27, 2004

Keyes campaign releases first TV ad

CHICAGO -- Keyes 2004 campaign manager Bill Pascoe today released the campaign's first television advertisement, and issued the following statement. [Read more]

October 26, 2004
Third debate affirms first two: Keyes wins again

CHICAGO -- Keyes 2004 campaign manager Bill Pascoe, reacting to Alan Keyes' clear win in tonight's second televised debate against Barack Obama, released the following statement:

"The third and final debate is over, and the score is clear: it's three straight wins for Alan Keyes and the voters of Illinois.

[Read more]

 See "Obamanation Debate Fact Check."

October 24, 2004
Keyes' views are clear if you listen

Cammie Descourouez

There is only one thing worse than someone who doesn't vote and that is someone who votes uninformed about the candidates. How do we get this information? Usually from our newspaper, TV, political mailings, and arguments with our friends and families. The newspaper has let me down on the Illinois Senate race. I've heard so must about Barack Obama that you would think he was the only one running to represent Illinois. Actually, I guess he was the only one for a while. However, there is now a Republican candidate named Alan Keyes, but you'd have to go somewhere other than The Journal Standard to get any information about him, other than his opinions about abortion and homosexual marriage.

[Read more]

October 23, 2004
Streaming video of the second debate
Transcript and audio also available

A streaming video of Thursday's debate between Alan Keyes and Barack Obama is now available. You can see the video here.

The third and final debate will be held Tuesday, Oct. 26, at 7 p.m. It will be carried by local PBS stations. Check listings.

 Click here for campaign analysis.

 Click here to read the transcript.

 Click here to listen to the audio.

October 22, 2004
Second debate result in: Keyes wins again

CHICAGO – Keyes 2004 campaign manager Bill Pascoe, reacting to Alan Keyes' clear win in tonight's first televised debate against Barack Obama, released the following statement:

"The first televised debate is history, and the result is as clear as it was after last week's radio debate: Alan Keyes won this debate hands down. He drew clear and cogent contrasts with Barack Obama on issue after issue, making one thing perfectly clear: Alan Keyes is in the mainstream of Illinois' heartland values, and Mr. Obama is outside the mainstream.

[Read more]

 See "Obamanation Debate Fact Check."

 See "The Deborah Rowe Show, post-debate interview."

 See "Alan Keyes on the Mancow Show, Oct. 22."

October 19, 2004
Alan receives warm welcome at "Stars on Stage" gala in Chicago
Sponsored by WLS with Jay & Eileen

EILEEN: It is so wonderful to be with you today. Before we get to Alan Keyes, who I believe is going to be the next Senator of Illinois--

[crowd of 3,000 cheers]

I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have worked here at WLS for five and a half years, and it is because of you--you call, you write, you e-mail, you have fan mail and you have hate mail, and I love you for it--you make me a better talk show host. And I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to Jay & Eileen from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m here on Newstalk 890 WLS. It is an honor to be here with you today.

[Read more]

 Hear MP3 audio.

 Pictures of the event.

October 19, 2004
Keyes has street corner interview with Fox Chicago
Discusses jobs, taxes, abortion, the courts, national security, and moral integrity

ALAN KEYES: I've talked in this campaign about every issue of importance to the people of Illinois--

Including, by the way, the need for fundamental reform in our tax system, to abolish the income tax, to replace it with a Fair Tax that will actually give people the first use of every dollar they earn, instead of having the government tax away everyone's surplus before they can save it, invest it, for the good of their families and their future.

[Read more]

October 19, 2004
Video of Alan's guest host stint on WYLL available
Wide-ranging marathon covers hot-button issues, plus the challenges facing persons of faith

DAVE SANTRELLA, HOST: Good afternoon. This is Dave Santrella, general manager for AM 1160, WYLL. We welcome you to this very special edition of the Scott Thomas Show. For the next two hours, it is our pleasure to present to you today's special guest host, Republican senatorial candidate, Dr. Alan Keyes.

[Read more]

 See the video in Windows Media.

 Pictures of the event.

October 18, 2004
Conservative Alan Keyes thinks big in race for Illinois senator

Lumino Magazine

Illinois Senatorial candidate Alan Keyes is a stick of dynamite in the political world. It's not that he's trying to cause friction, it's just that he's a passionate man in a political climate where silence and ambiguity are the rule of success.

Keyes doesn't care about image, just issues. He wants his voice heard, no matter the cost in the polls.

[Read more]

October 17, 2004
Senate debate resonates with intelligent talk

Chuck Sweeny
Rockford Register Star

It's too bad few people saw or heard Tuesday's Senate debate between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Alan Keyes. The debate, at the historic Old State Capitol in Springfield, was a radio production, so it wasn't on live TV.

C-SPAN2 did have cameras there, and the debate ran Friday evening. I happened to be flipping channels when I found it and watched. An energetic Keyes outperformed Obama, who came off as a bored technocrat.

[Read more]

 Click here to see the debate in STREAMING VIDEO.

October 16, 2004
Former UN Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick endorses Alan Keyes
Oct. 14 press conference in Chicago

Alan Keyes: It is my honor and privilege... to express my gratitude, my great satisfaction at having been able to spend time today with a friend and mentor, someone who was at one time both my boss at U.S. UN Mission but also someone from whom I think I learned all about both integrity and principle, and a sense of intellectual clarity in dealing with international relations and foreign affairs that was the most important formation for me in dealing with international relations, and I hope that thanks be to God, I have never lost my respect for that formation or my efforts to be true to it.

[Read more]

October 16, 2004
Keyes FEC report shows $1.1 million cash on hand
More than 20,000 donors fuel grassroots campaign

CHICAGO – Keyes 2004 campaign manager Bill Pascoe today released the campaign's third-quarter report to the Federal Election Commission, and issued the following statement:

"As this FEC report shows, Alan Keyes has broad-based support from the grassroots all over Illinois, and, in fact, America. Given that Alan stands for the kind of traditional, common-sense values shared by the majority of voters here in America's heartland, that makes perfect sense. [READ MORE]

October 15, 2004
"Your ideas at work"
Grassroots feature added

The best ideas--and energy--in a grassroots-minded campaign often come from the "bottom up," rather than the top down.

"It's not about imposing things from the top down," Alan Keyes said a few years back, regarding campaigning. "It's really about building them up from the bottom."

Your ideas are valued in the Keyes for Senate campaign. To highlight innovative ideas of energetic volunteers, the campaign will post the best of those ideas in a new feature, "Your ideas at work."

You can see the new feature by clicking here.

The campaign encourages all Keyes supporters to help publicize the upcoming two television debates by taking full use of the grassroots suggestions offered.

In addition, supporters are encouraged to promote the rebroadcasts of the Oct. 12 first debate on C-SPAN 2 and the Illinois Channel, beginning Friday, Oct. 15, and running next week. Check local listings.

Let's all work together and get Alan elected. We value your creativity, dedication, and energy.

October 14, 2004
Debate managers cover for Obama

Helen M. Valois

As a present-day cheesehead who grew up a flatlander (read: a resident of Wisconsin, raised in Illinois), my interest in the race to replace Peter Fitzgerald as U.S. senator from the Land of Lincoln was piqued a few weeks before my hero, Alan Keyes, even got involved. I was reading the papers during a visit to my parents' home in the northwest suburbs of Chicago when I got my first whiff of who this "Barack Obama" is, and what he is all about.

"Dad," I said, "this guy is bad news! We've got to find somebody good to run against him." (Former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka had just turned the Republican leadership down.)

[Read more]

October 14, 2004
Keyes wins debate, giving Obama reason to be wary of the next one


Mrs. Nancy Sassano
Highland Park

I had fully expected Alan Keyes to be his dynamic, intelligent, knowledgeable, articulate self. What I did not expect was to hear so many "uhs" from Obama. Where was the glib, smooth orator we saw during the Democratic Convention?

I was so proud of Alan Keyes, and so won over. I made another donation to his campaign tonight.

[Read more]

October 12, 2004
MP3 audio of the first debate available!
Transcript also online

Tuesday's first debate between Alan Keyes and Barack Obama is available in MP3 audio.

The debate--which was sponsored by the Illinois Radio Network--showcased Dr. Keyes' considerable foreign policy and diplomatic experience.

Keyes served as an Assistant Secretary of State, UN ambassador, and staff member of the National Security Council under President Ronald Reagan.

In addition to foreign affairs, topics included fair trade, jobs, agriculture, infrastructure, health care, and live-birth abortions.

October 11, 2004
Streaming video available of Alan on NBC 5's City Desk

On Sunday, Oct. 10, Alan Keyes appeared on a special edition of NBC 5's City Desk, hosted by political editor Dick Kay.

Topics included preemptive strikes in the War on Terror, strategies for revitalizing the economy, school choice, and live-birth abortions.

Keyes--a former Assistant Secretary of State and ambassador to the UN under President Reagan--emphasized that America must "do what is necessary" to defend herself from terrorism. He also emphasized the need to boost the economy through tax cuts and improved trade policy; restore the leading role of parents in education; and protect innocent life.

 See the interview in Windows Media

October 11, 2004
Keyes interviewed by Daily Leader

Pontiac Daily Leader

Alan Keyes took some time when considering whether to accept the U.S. Senate nomination offered by the Illinois Republican Party.

After all Keyes, 54, was a successful radio personality and writer and the task of jumping in a Senate race with less than three months to go until the election was a daunting one. And it would require that the Maryland resident establish legal requirements of Illinois residency.

[Read more]

October 8, 2004
Video & transcript of Alan's address at Southland Chamber of Commerce

MODERATOR: Without further ado, I'd like you to give a warm Southland reception to Ambassador Alan Keyes.


DR. KEYES: Good afternoon. I want to first say that it's a special pleasure for me to be able to share some thoughts today about the area that, as y'all know, in a certain sense I live in these days, and which I've learned a great deal from in the course of my time here in Illinois. I've learned a great deal about some of the real conditions of life that folks are facing, and I've also learned a great deal about what some of the probable obstacles and solutions are--obstacles to the solutions of problems and what some of the solutions are--and that's what I want to talk to you about today.

[Read more]

 See the speech in Windows Media

 Hear the speech in MP3

October 6, 2004
Alan Keyes on Straight Talk with Mychal Massie
Oct. 5 appearance

MYCHAL MASSIE, HOST: With me, again, is Ambassador Alan Keyes. He's running for the Senate in Illinois. You can look and see what's going on in the Keyes camp at, and everything about Alan and his campaign is right there. I encourage all of my listeners to go there and see about how they can be involved in Alan's campaign.

Alan, are you hearing me better now, Ambassador?


MASSIE: Again, why don't you pick up where I left off with what's taking place in America, and then just go right through there.

[Read more]

October 5, 2004
Video & transcript of DuPage County Patriot's Day Picnic
Speech delivered Sept. 11

ALAN KEYES: Thank you very much. Good afternoon.

I'll have to say, in one way, the wonderful warmth of your welcome and of the greetings and the heartfelt affection that I've experienced this afternoon makes it kind of difficult for me to talk about some of the things that we need to discuss on this day. And that's one of the difficulties, in fact, I think of American politics in general.

So often we conduct our political affairs by coming together like this in warmth and fellowship. It's colorful and it's fun. And that can lead us, I think, to forget what it is that we do here and what it is that this process signifies.

[Read more]

 See the speech in RealAudio

October 5, 2004
Keyes draws supporters all the way from Texas
Republican, Libertarian

Daily Herald

Alison and Joshua Malone can't vote for U.S. Senate candidate Alan Keyes.

But the couple believe so deeply in the conservative talk show host's Illinois campaign that they drove from Texas with their five young children to show their support for the 54-year-old former presidential candidate.

"He's not afraid to say exactly what Christians and conservatives think about government," Joshua Malone explained. "Other politicians are concerned about politicking and polls. He sticks to his principles and he's clear about them. He's not afraid to take a stand."

[Read more]

October 4, 2004
Making the real and unedited Alan Keyes known


Brad Greer
Chairman, Collinsville Republican Central Committee

For the past month I have taken to writing each member of our church to remind them of the real issues at stake in the Keyes - Obama race. Frequently I ask, "When you consider Obama's views and votes, what possible issue could you have with Alan Keyes that could cause you to waiver in support of him?" Normally the response to my question is a blank stare.

[Read more]

October 4, 2004
Alan's remarks to the Illinois Agriculture Board of Directors

Video available

ALAN KEYES: I realize I was planning on taking questions from you, but I do have a couple of points to make. One is a general point about priorities, and the approach that one takes to understanding our economic life, and the other is a practical point about the United States Senate that I think we should think about, not only because it is to my advantage that you do so, but also because it's true.

[Read more]

 See the speech in Windows Media

October 2, 2004
Transcript of American Catholic Press benefit available
Tribute to 9-11

ALAN KEYES: Thank you very much.

I am especially honored tonight to be able to share a few thoughts with you, as we come together in honor of Sister Marie Paul, who has made such an extraordinary contribution to Catholic education.

Being a product of Catholic education myself, I know how extraordinarily important it can be to one's life, and the foundation that it lays is a permanent treasure.

[Read more]

September 30, 2004
Embarrassed for Republican Obama supporters

Scott Thomas

Does Alan Keyes embarrass you?

Here’s why I ask.

I just returned from a mission trip to Kenya. I was accompanied on this trip by about a dozen conservative Christian radio talk show hosts from around the country. From Washington, DC to San Francisco, and many points in between, a true cross section of conservative America was represented. We had some lively discussions packed into cramped vans driving between Masai churches in the Great Rift Valley.

[Read more]


Message from Alan Keyes

Dear Friends,

Thank you so very much for your calls, letters, and emails urging me to accept the Illinois Republican Party's nomination for the United States Senate. I am humbled and honored by your overwhelming pledges of support in this endeavor. After careful deliberation, and on the strength of deep and contemplative prayer, I have decided to accept this nomination.

I make to the voters of Illinois, and all those watching this race in the coming months, just one promise: I will conduct a campaign worthy of your support. All those with whom I share core convictions regarding life and liberty, faith, family and freedom; all those who are committed to American renewal and the revitalization of responsible self-government -- we all, in the extraordinary circumstances of this contest, are confronted with a great challenge. Yet, we are also thereby presented with a great opportunity.

I cannot do this alone. We are going to need all the help, all the heart, and all the financial commitment you can muster. Our cause requires -- and, in fact, demands -- no less. Please return to this page in the coming days to learn more about our effort, and what you can do to contribute to its success. Today, if you would like to make a donation as we launch our campaign in the Land of Lincoln, please click on the link below.

Thank you, and God bless you.

Keep Faith,

Alan Keyes

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